About MAP Digital: Metameetings

MAP Digital: MetaMeetings is a digital events agency. We elevate participants experience onsite and on the Web, enhance information exchange and collaboration, while capturing and measuring real-time digital engagement to inform sales, marketing, learning, and strategic objectives.

Our MetaMeetings suite of integrated software is constantly being refined and customized for our clients’ needs. We are technologically agnostic and take an agency approach by: building, buying or partnering to get the correct solution. We have purchased the IP of a Social Media program that was developed for a major arts and technology festival, and have integrated it into our MetaMeetings Portal. From this integration we have build a collaboration and knowledge sharing platform that has transformed training into a Learning 3.0 experience.

MAP's Steps for a Digital Event:

One portal supports all logistical, data gathering & reporting functions: Registration, Badging, Content Management, Session Generation and Scheduling, Interactive Conference Web/Mobile sites, Onsite Digital Signage, and Webcasting.
We also build the LANs and secure a robust Internet access onsite

Event Community Portal: Integration of Social Media tools for Profiles, General, Session and Group discussion, Search for participants and key words, Make 1x1 meetings, Proposal a Session, Privacy settings, etc

Learning 3.0: Using Social Media tools to collaborate and share knowledge across an Enterprise.

Content Optimization: Speech to text search within On Demand Webcasts and Slides. MAP Digital expedites publishing of optimized content that then can be mined, shared, re-purposed, and curated all while collecting in-depth usage patterns.

Map participants real-time usage to report on strategic opportunities and objectives.SpecialtiesDigital Events Agency, Social Media, Learning 3.0, Content Optimization, Webcasting, Content Management, Collaboration, Web/Mobile apps.

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